Payment Terms

InCars Cyprus Automobiles – Payment Terms

It’s good to have options and that’s why InCars offer a number of flexible options to make  payment process easier. Our payment methods include Debit Card or direct bank transfer. We do not accept Bank Cheques for purchasing cars. Please note that you are responsible for providing complete and authentic debit card information to avoid any trouble.

If you looking for affordable financing options, please note that InCars provide simple & convenient finance options that best suit your budget and needs. Finance is available to 18+ only. For more, please check our car finance options.

If you are on a financial plan, your monthly amount will be deducted from the selected bank account. we send customers e-statements through email.

After you have selected the car and signed the agreement, you will have to pay a 50% advance payment to secure the car. Please note that once you have made the advance money deposit and we transferred it to our UK dealer, there will be no refund. For more details, please check our FAQs page.

If you wish to have a discussion about the agreement, our financial experts are always here to guide you.

You need to make the final payment to get your vehicle. We remain the owner of the car during the agreement until you make the final payment.

If you have further queries about payment terms, you can always reach us at