Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


i      Personal Data

ii     Collection of Personal Data

iii    Personal Data Defined

iv    Changes to this privacy policy

v     Geolocation & advertising preferences

vi    Other digital website data taken

vii   3rd party data

viii  Social media account activation

ix    Use and retention of personal data

x     Personalisation of services

xi    Contacting you

xii   Accessing your personal data

xiii  Disclosure of your data

xiv  Security


This privacy policy details the way we collect, use, and protect your personal data. Anything listed here refers to any service, application, tool, or service provided by InCars Cyprus whether accessed via PC, tablet, or other mobile smart devices.


When you register an account with us or use our services, you are automatically accepting our terms of service and consenting to our use, retention, collection, and disclosure of your personal data as laid out in this privacy policy.


Personal Data


When we refer to “personal data”, we are talking about information that can be used to identify a specific person. Data provided anonymously or aggregated is not considered as personal data, as it is not possible to identify a particular person either when used on its own or when combined with other data from other sources.


Collection of Personal Data


When registering for an account on our website or using our services, we will collect your personal information via the completion of web forms on any device. This also includes any data provided when updating your account, chatting on our forums, corresponding with us or participating in any community discussions.


Personal Data Defined


The exact nature of the personal data we collect via the methods detailed above is defined below:


  • Any billing or financial data, such as bank account or credit card numbers relating to transactions made on our trusted payment platforms.
  • Content that’s generated by or connected to your registered account when carrying out a transaction with us.
  • Any information that can identify you, like your name, address, phone number, or email address that’s taken when registering your account.
  • Any data that’s generated by or connected to your account through the use of our website’s functions
  • Information that’s provided via web form when modifying your account info.
  • Data that are connected to your use of dispute resolution facilities, chats, or community discussions.
  • Any extra data that we are mandated to collect and process in accordance with national law to identify you or verify the veracity of the info collected.
  • Personal data that’s automatically collected through the use of our services or when registering for a user account on our site.


Changes to This Privacy Policy


We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy when required. When said changes are made, they will be made on this site and it is the site user’s responsibility to review this privacy policy to make themselves aware of any changes.


Geolocation & Advertising Preferences


We may also collect your data when interacting with our services, communicating with us or when setting your advertising preferences. This data is gleaned from the devices you use when accessing our services, be it when filling out a web form, registering an account, modifying your account data, or taking part in chats, disputes, or community discussions.


When using the aforementioned services, your personal data extends to device type, unique device tokens, unique identifiers, ID for advertising, and geolocation data. It’s important to know that most smart devices allow you to set enable/disable geolocation services via the settings menu.


Other digital data we may take when using our services includes:


  • Page view statistics
  • Referral URLs
  • Your IP address
  • Weblog info
  • Your browsing history on our site
  • Web beacons
  • Cookies


Other Digital Website Data Taken


When users visit our site, we use cookies, unique identifiers, web beacons, and associated technologies to glean data regarding links clicked viewed pages, and other processes initiated on our site. For more information about how we use web beacons and cookies, please see our notice on the subject.


3rd Party Data


We may also supplement your collected personal data with info from 3rd party sources and add it to your account. This contains but is not limited to information relating to publicly available demographics, credit check data, and supplemental contact information.


When discussing the sharing of your data with 3rd parties in this privacy notice, we are only referring to the use and disclosure of personal data collected from you. Should you provide this information to said 3rd parties or you have been directed to a 3rd party website, you will be governed by the practices and privacy policy of the 3rd party site.


Once you have given your data to a 3rd party, we cannot guarantee its security, therefore we urge you to avail yourself of the privacy and security policies of said 3rd party before sharing data with or transacting with 3rd party websites. This also applies when 3rd parties are represented as sellers, buyers, or bidders on our website.


Social Media Account Activation


In certain circumstances, you may be allowed to use your social media profiles to quickly set up your account, which then becomes connected to your account with us. Doing so may provide us with automatic access to particular personal data about yourself e.g. content and advertising ‘liked’ by you.


In this scenario, where you have given us access to any website containing video content, you expressly agree that we may share the video or glean information about the video for a minimum of 2 years or until you rescind this access.


You are able to control your personal data settings via the relevant social media platform. It’s important to understand that by connecting your social media profile with our site, you are allowing us to collect, utilize and retain this data in accordance with the rules set down in this privacy policy.


Use & Retention of Personal Data


When using your personal data, we are doing so in order to give you a smooth website experience, improve our services, and suggest services and goods that may appeal to you. We may contact you via your account regarding any of our services, to offer you tailored marketing and advertising and to identify, prevent, minimize, and inquire into illegal or fraudulent activities.


We will retain your personal data only for as long as it is deemed to be necessary or is appropriate for us to provide our services. In addition to this, we may also retain your personal data that resides in old/closed accounts to collect errant fees, eliminate fraud,  mediate disputes, help with legal investigations, and to adhere to national laws.


Personalization of Services


There are a number of ways that we use your data to personalize your services and improve your user experience and they include:


  • Offering you use and access to the services on our website
  • Provide you with extra services you may request
  • Supply you with offers on behalf of our partners
  • The provision of location-based offerings using geolocation data


We sometimes employ call-tracking technology that allows us to identify the precise number of calls that we receive from advertisements on our platform. This may include recording your phone number, in addition to the time and date that you called, and is in no way obtained to identify you as a person.


Even after your call is transferred, the conversation you have with our agent is neither recorded nor stored on our servers, as we only ever employ these features to improve the experience customers have on our website.


Contacting You


We may, on occasion, be required to contact you to talk about your account or troubleshoot any issues relating to it. Whether talking about the collection of fees, the resolution of a dispute, the surveying of our customers, or the polling of opinions, we will only make contact with you when it becomes necessary as per our terms and conditions.


When this occurs, we may get in touch with you via text message, by post, email, or telephone and this may be done using an auto-dialler or a formatted text message to save time. When replying, data, and message rates may apply according to your communications provider.


Access to Your Personal Data


We always do our utmost to ensure that the data we hold about you is up-to-date and as accurate as possible. We also ensure that have the ability to both access it and amend it wherever necessary.


It’s possible to obtain a copy of the personal data that we hold about you by contacting us at after which we will inform you of any applicable fees. Even when a statutory right exists to request, delete, or modify your personal data, we retain the right to deny this access in adherence with national law.


Disclosure of Your Personal Data


The personal data that we hold about you may be disclosed to other members of the [your company] family and with 3rd parties. This may be necessary for us to allow access to our services, to enforce our Ts & Cs, to detect/prevent illegal activities & fraud or to allow us to carry out our advertising and marketing activities.


Even when using your data in this way, we restrict the amount of personal info we disclose to what is absolutely necessary to achieve our goals. That said, we would never to disclose your personal data to a 3rd party for advertising reasons without your express agreement.


The parties we would disclose your personal data to are limited to:


  • 3rd party service providers who help us to offer our services
  • Financial partners and service provider partners
  • Organizations involved in the detection/prevention and investigation of illegal activity/fraud
  • Those involved in bill collection
  • Providers of reward and affiliate programs


These parties (excluding only those involved in legal/criminal matters) would only use your personal data if you have requested for them to do so.


3rd parties involved in matters relating to the law will have needed to have provided us with a court order, subpoena, or similar legal procedure in order for us to give them access to your personal data. Wherever there is an imminent threat of financial loss, illegal activity, or physical harm, we will always act in good faith.




We always endeavor to protect your personal data using appropriately secure measures. Just some of the steps we take to ensure your information stays protected include data encryption, firewalls, and physically restricted access to our data centers.


Should our organization be acquired by or merged with another company, it may be possible that we share our data with them under the rules of our global privacy standards.


If you suspect that your account has been unlawfully accessed or abused, we urge you to contact customer support as soon as you can.


Privacy Complain:

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