Term & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions constitute the agreement between you and the company. You accept these terms and conditions by registering with InCars Cyprus Automobiles or by otherwise accessing or using it.

With InCars Cyprus Automobiles

Buying & Collecting Your Car

The collection process includes pre-delivery examination and cleaning service from the company. Once your car is ready to collect, you will get a confirmation email or text. In case of any delay, you will be notified as early as possible. You’ll need to give it an hour before collecting your car.

You must have an official valid driving license or a valid passport or a valid ID. One of these is a must for identification and verification at the time of collection. We deliver cars ONLY to the owner (the person who is on the car registration form). At the final step the owner signs and pay the remaining 73% to receive the car.

Payment Methods

Our payment methods include Debit or Credit Card, Cash and direct bank transfer.

Remember: we do not accept Bank Cheques for purchasing cars.

Whose products does this site offer?

 This site offers products of certified and standard vehicle brands.


Users need to pay a minimum of 50% deposit to secure and initiate the importing process of the car. Note: It is non-refundable, non-transferable, and is subjected to statutory rights.

Apply for Finance

We provide finance, subject to status. To apply, you must be a Cyprus resident and 18 years old.

How much do you need to pay for financial advice?

There is no fee or charge for financial advice.

Trade Price & Sales

Our prices are relevantly low which make our company very competitive in the industry.

Price Guarantee

InCars Cyprus deliver cars with a guaranteed price that applies to the vehicles’ model, mileage, color, age, specifications, service history, ownership as well as overall condition of the car. If you find a parallel car somewhere else with lower price within 3 days of the order, we will refund the difference in the form of cash.

Vehicle/Car Security

InCars Cyprus take full responsibility that any car imported from Japan or the UK automobile market is not stolen, or subjected to any financial conflict. Ownership of the product shall not be passed to clients until the clearance of funds.

Product/Vehicle Specifications

We ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the information available on the site. we provide up-to-date information, however, specifications may vary as the model changes. If you need exact details about the vehicle specification, please contact us.

Software Virus Test

Though we have scanned and tested the software downloads from this site, you can run a virus test before using it. We do not take responsibility for data loss, damage, or disruption of the computer system.

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How to register your complaint?

If you have any complaints or issues, contact us at 777-777-40, or send an email address at complain@incarscyprus.com or simply contact our customer support.

We do everything to provide seamless and transparent services, however, if there is an issue, we would like to hear from you. The Customer Service Department operates 24/7.

Contact Information

Email address: info@incarscyprus.com

Phone Number: 777-777-40

Address: Eleftherias 66, Deryneia, 5380, Cyprus